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EnJazz, co-directed by María Ferrer and Aurélien Darbellay, is a dance and performing arts company that is the fruit of their artistic collaboration that began in 2014. Their aim is simple (although it may seem paradoxical): to bring to the stage the jazz (its music and dances) as a living art form, that is to say, without making historical recreations and, moreover, to amalgamate and link artistic languages that can converge.
In this way, EnJazz meets musicians, jazz and tap dancers, and much more. 

Their first creation is Just a Mood a 55 minuts dance piece which revolves around the figure of pianist Teddy Wilson, with six dancerscoming from Jazz dance Tap dance and other movement languages.
As important as its activity directed at the stage is its activity of working with the arts as an instrument of action and social transformation with different groups of people, mostly those who live in a vulneral situation.. 

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Photo: Joan López Cortijo

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