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A bit about us

Here come a few beliefs we hold and that guide us: 

Movement is an experience; a holistic experience that starts deep within ourselves. Jazz dancing is the experience of moving to and being moved by jazz music. It is an artform born from the black American culture and experience. It is rich with an incredible legacy and full of potential for evolution. Its links with other black American artforms (modern or ancient) run deep and are worth exploring. Its capacity to incorporate exogenous languages is limitless. It offers a path to connect with others through tradition, culture, and the social spaces that movement creates.

Rhythm is the core of the quest. Rhythm isn't only about footwork, nor is it exclusively a matter of precision (even though good rhythm obviously requires precision and control): rhythm is essentially expressive and, as such, it crucially involves both intention and feeling. Groove is to be found in the swinging encounter between different individual rhythmical feels. 

Here come a few facts about us: 

We've been dancing together for almost 10 years. We live in Barcelona where  we direct the Cia.EnJazz (a dance company that both brings jazz dancing to the stages and develops social projects) and where we teach regular Jazz classes (with El Taller, a project we run together with Gustav & Laia)

We've also a strong bond to Geneva, where Aurélien was born. Together with good friends, we founded Backbeat, an association which organizes weekly and monthly workshops in Geneva, as well as a yearly festival, the shaKe that laKe. 

Photo taken by Unminutimig

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